Oneplus gps problem

Oneplus gps problem

Here is the right article for you to solve the issue. GPS is one of the most used services on any phone as it provides turn-by-turn direction to the destination. Imagine that you are trying hard to connect to the GPS on your smartphone using Google Maps or any other map service. You find that the GPS is not turning on or the map is not providing the accurate details.

This is considered as one of the many GPS problems that the users come across on a daily basis. If you are reading this article, here are a few degree solution guides that will help you to fix the OnePlus GPS problem. If none of the above works, it is very important to seek help from the service center. As such, you will be able to know about the phone repair or the actual problem in your mobile phone device. Ensure to get it fixed so that the issue will not repeat again.

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oneplus gps problem

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Pooja Kamath. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Search in Articles.OnePlus 5 GPS issues anyone? Jun 26, Donut Jun 26, Is anyone having accuracy and connectivity issues with the GPS?

I had a couple of times where I just lost signal and it kept showing me like an arrow on the map with no directions or anything.

7 common issues with the OnePlus One and how to fix them

I have just reset the AGPS and cleared cache. Will update the results. I'm running stock without root or anything. Cupcake Jul 3, There is a thread on XDA of people complaining for the same reason. GPS has a lot of drift and then randomly drops out it seems for a short period of time. Pratyyush and lostLambda like this. Cupcake Jul 5, I now can't track my running routes in any of my running apps, because the GPS is so far off the truth!

Really frustrating when it was working perfectly on my old OP1 and OP2. ApongEly and Bart like this. Cupcake Jul 9, Need to completely restart my phone to have the signal back. ApongEly likes this. Gingerbread Jul 9, I get like 25 feet in my garden, my Nexus 5X gets 10 ft with the same app. Cupcake Jul 10, Crystal Z. For whom suffers this issue, can you help collect some logs so that we can look into it? Tap on Get Wireless Log at the bottom of the page and tap on clean log 3.

Tap on GPS log to start the capturing process 4. Replicate the issue, take a screenshot to record the time 5. Return to the log interface and tap on Stop logging 6. Zip the oem log file from file manager and share it to bughunters oneplus. Please send us the log from file manager instead of pack log and sharre option from above capture process.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, OnePlus Bug Hunters. Last edited: Jul 17, The thing is the GPS shows the current location very inaccurately on the maps. Although I have stock firmware. Still, after the update or just randomly in the past week. My phone used to lose GPS signal completely while driving. I checked that my other phone at the same location had full GPS signals.

OnePlus 3 is the latest flagship of the company. Although OnePlus is a new company as compared to other smartphone manufacturers. OnePlus got itself to a very good position in a very competitive smartphone market. OnePlus smartphones quickly caught the attention of power Android users. Moving on to the guide. There are a few potential solutions for this GPS issue.

Fix OnePlus 6T GPS Issue With Accuracy Calibration Problems

The one that worked for me is mentioned at the bottom of this article. Like checking the settings of the phone. I hope this solution works out for your guys.

I am in love with OnePlus 3 since its release. It never gave me any problem regarding software or hardware. I just had this GPS issue and got it fixed. There is a trick to solve this issue. All you have to do is to clear AGPS and update it. Unfortunately, this feature is not present in One Plus 3 or stock Android. It is on the Google Play store for quite a long time and many people are making use of it to solve their GPS issues.

It will reset AGPS data on your phone and the new data will be fetched.Some of the users have also complained that the issue started after last year update which was released officially by Google. Google Maps is the most downloaded Android App for location feature. It is used by more than 1. Not just for directions, it is also adopted by many API service and Apps for food delivery location tracking purpose. One of the most debated Android issues is GPS which often makes you crazy while trying to fix it.

It might get difficult asking strange peoples for the location where you want to reach when the GPS ditches you. GPS is a great feature which helps you in many situations. Nowadays everyone holds a phone which is accompanied by this feature.

Using this feature, you get rapid directions which help you to save time as well as your energy. With the development of Android phones, GPS has got even more advanced and accurate. They have improved reliability on this not so new technology.

Almost everyone is familiar with this feature which guides you with directions. Usually, most of the users love to use Google maps for navigation and compass, but we all know the fact that it also has lots of issues. So, if you have landed here then you must be facing the annoying GPS issue. If the google map is not displaying the exact spot which you want to visit or you cannot see our own location, then there is a software issue. OnePlus is the latest phone which is giving many troubles to the users.

If you have any queries relating to any other gadgets, feel free to contact Gadget Features Forum. The second reason is the quality of the GPS antenna which is present in the device. If the quality is excellent, then you will get the most accurate location and direction. The last cause if the execution of the operator in the OS.

oneplus gps problem

Yes, you heard it right. The operating system which is running the device also affects the GPS performance. To solve the GPS issue, firstly you have to turn on the Airplane mode and turn it off again to remove any immediate bug.

Another method is the high accuracy mode which is present in the location feature. Here are the steps to activate the high accuracy mode. Navigate to Settings of the smartphone. Now, tap on the Location option. Turn on the location services. Select the Mode option and change it to High accuracy.Sent from Uranus via OnePlus. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. ONE Themes and Apps. Wombat Jul What do you think of the new Apple iPhone SE? April 16, OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro announced — Everything you need to know! April 14, Image Warp helps you transform pictures with manually adjustable grids April 14, Thanks Meter : Is there anyone else experiencing problems with their GPS?

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It actually started yesterday on the trip to North Carolina to play golf. I finally did and it would come and go. I used my golf gps app and after 15 seconds it got a lock and worked all day. I needed to use my maps today for navigation and it seemed to be doing fine until I got near my destination lost GPS lock.

I did regain it but I'm wondering if anybody else is having this problem? It was working fine up until yesterday. Join Date: Joined: Nov OP Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Oct Junior Member. Thanks Meter : 0. Join Date: Joined: Jul GPS if fine on mine, never had any probs once I set it to my country etc When I do get a fast lock now it will freeze somewhere during navigation and lose GPS.

I can't believe I'm the only one with this problem. Senior Member.

oneplus gps problem

How's the GPS performance for everyone else on stock? Philadelphia, PA. No GPS issues here Used Google Maps navigation a fair bit. Join Date: Joined: Apr This 5. Of course, issues crop up even with devices that cost more than twice as much, and is also true in the case of the OnePlus One. Some customers have expressed disappointment in the battery life afforded by the OnePlus One, despite its large 3, mAh battery.

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Some people have found their device occasionally shutting off automatically and rebooting, without an obvious reason. A few users have reported that their OnePlus One charger gets extremely hot to the touch soon after they have begun charging, or that their phone heats up as a result of charging. Various OnePlus One users have discovered an issue with a yellow tint appearing towards the bottom of their screen like a gradient.

Some people have commented that this was an early problem with the phone that is being fixed as new handsets are being sent out, whereas others are still suffering from the problem even after receiving newer devices. Along with the overheating issue of the charger, some users have reported that their chargers are not working at all, or providing a very slow charge. So there you have some of the most common complaints regarding the OnePlus One!

Apart from software issues, the best way to keep your device safe is by using a protective case and cover. How To. Rahul Sharma. Potential Solutions: Reduce the drain that your screen puts on your battery by limiting your backlight.

Drop the screen sleep time to around thirty-seconds by going to Settings — Display and Lights — Sleep.

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Create one that automatically disables Bluetooth, data sync, Wi-Fi, and other battery-hogging apps when the battery is low. Enable power saver mode on your phone by going to Settings — Performance — Profile.

Problem 2 — Random reboots Some people have found their device occasionally shutting off automatically and rebooting, without an obvious reason. Potential Solutions: Turn your Wi-Fi off and see if that makes a difference. Sometimes this only happens when the Wi-Fi is on, however living without your Wi-Fi forever is not a realistic solution, so you may need a replacement.

Try switching out the theme that you are currently using. Try uninstalling applications one by one to see if corrupted data provided by one of them is causing the issue. Attempt a factory reset and then reinstall your applications selectively. You can find the instructions on how to do so below.

Problem 3 — Charger overheats. Comments Read comments. You Might Like. How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone.

How to enable Developer Options on your Android device. Get the Android Authority app on Google Play. Sunday Giveaway.We reported on this OnePlus 7 Pro touchscreen issuewhich has prompted several large threads at the OnePlus forum.

The problem seems to be random and most often happens on the top portion of the screen. Apparently, the CPU-Z app is a good way to test for the problem, as it seems to trigger consistent ghost touches, but they are happening intermittently for sufferers in a variety of apps.

With battery life and overheating, much depends on how you use your phone. You have to accept that long gaming sessions with graphically intensive games are going to use up a lot of power and generate a lot of heat. People are discussing their experiences in this OnePlus forum threadand not everyone is happy. There are threads at Reddit and the XDA Developers forum concerning incoming calls and text messages failing to come through at all or dropping instantly on pick up for people using the OnePlus 7 Pro on Verizon.

Outgoing calls and texts seem to work just fine. Luckily, this should be easy to sort out.

How To Fix OnePlus GPS Problem [Methods & Quick Troubleshoot]

For some people, it seems to flicker and change a little too often and fails to settle on the correct brightness level for the environment right away. For some people, it seems random, while others report that it only fails to work when the phone is unlocked. There are a few different potential solutions you can try. OnePlus 8 Pro vs. How to set up Xbox Game Streaming and play games on your phone 2 days ago. OnePlus 8 Review: A fine phone that needs a killer feature. OnePlus 8 Pro Review: Everything you want.

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